Eximland was founded with the goal of becoming a leading company about real estate business in Vietnam. Eximland specializes in the implementation of investment projects with outputs as the apartments, the residential urban areas, commercial buildings, hotels and apartments for rent with high quality design as well as convinience, while bringing the profit to shareholders and meet the investment strategies of the company. 

Development Strategy:
– Continuing to expand joint ventures with strategic partners and focus on investment, management and exploitation of land in order to create a fund of houses to serve the community with a reasonable price.
– Construction and development of the marketing, distribution and trading system about real estate in the South Province.
– Planning to promote the company’s brand domestically and internationally.
– Develop leadership and staff professionally. 

The company is also focusing on development a series of real estate transaction offices branded Eximland to to shape its brand in the market of real estate domestically and internationally; at the same time developing Eximland Corporation to become a company with a strong brand, a large real estate business that investors appreciated. 

Eximland Corporation runs in compliance with a philosophy that providing high quality products to the community with reasonable price, contributing to improve the value of customers’ life.
On that basis, the principle activities of the company is:
        – Ensuring the quality of designs
        – Ensuring the conveniences
        – Protecting the environment, the surrounding landscape
        – Ensuring safety and security.

Eximland’s Slogan: Make Life Perfect

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  • Trụ sở chính: 179EF Cách Mạng Tháng Tám, P. 5, Q. 3, TP. HCM
  • 0862 646 726
  • eximland@eximland.com.vn

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0906 997 227