1. Description of Cv:

– Online telephone and fax operator;
– Receive, transfer letters, documents, documents … to relevant departments to ensure the accuracy of customer information in coordination, ensure mail, documents, dispatch … on time, true love pray, not lost;
– Check and guide visitors to work contacts;
– Monitoring the transportation of tools and equipment to access the building;

– Monitoring the observance of the Building Rules; Labor time for Company employees

2. Requirements:

– Female aged 19-25. Graduated TC / CD / University;
– Quick, good communication, clear voice, responsible spirit;
– Look good;
– Priority experience has served as administrative staff – receptionist;
– Be honest, careful, hard-working and eager to learn;
– Love the job and want to stick for a long time;
– Going to work on time and ready to work overtime when required from work;

– Good English communication; Prefer the candidate to know Chinese.

3. Benefits:

– Sign labor contracts in accordance with the Company’s regulations and current laws;
– Friendly and professional working environment;
– Salaries and allowances as agreed;
– Be entitled to pay social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance after entering official employment;

– Lunch allowance; holidays, Tet … and other welfare regimes.

4. Recruitment time: From November 15 to December 31, 2016

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